"If you build it. . .

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

                                     ...they will come."    

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

I think the magical thing about gardens is that they take on a life of their own.   

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

I mean, all I really did was put together a few plants, flowers and trees...and now I have this haven — this oasis in the middle of the city.  I was really struck by this fact today.  –All I had to do was set the stage and they arrived.

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

The French doors of my studio are open and I am sitting at my desk looking out to the fountain, I can see most of the garden from here.

The day started sunny, then a rogue rain cloud passed over and shared a bit of moisture with us.

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

This fellow was caught in the midst of  it as he was taking his morning bath.  As the rain showered down, he remained, continuing his grooming.  (I think he considered himself pretty fortunate.)

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

Before I knew it, the sun was out again and the visitors increased.

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on
image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

Butterflies, bumblebees and long-legged wasps stopped by.

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

Hummingbirds and songbirds came to say hello and to peruse the blossoms or to take a rest on the garden bench.   

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

In fact, it almost seemed as though an announcement went out:
"Hey!   She's got her camera out today

at 1720, stop by if you want some

exposure."     (This is L.A. after all.)

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

Truth be told, when I created this garden, I didn't really think about the "wildlife" it might attract.  I love flowers and trees and designing spaces for people to enjoy and that's what I was thinking about mostly.

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on
image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on
image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

That's why it seems such a huge side benefit and almost, well . . . "flattering" really. 
Each time a new creature comes to call -or moves in- it is thrilling.  It's like nature is giving a nod of approval to something I initiated.    And really, that's all I did.  

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

I am still in awe at the miracle of it all. –Just plant a seed and a beautiful flower will grow there one day. –Just stick that little sapling in the ground and one day you will be lounging in the shade of a mighty tree. 

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on
There is such a peace and serenity that comes from nature — a connection to the Divine at the ready.  

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

In creating this little snippet of it here, I have reaped far more than I have sown, that much is for sure.   

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

Planting a garden is like knocking on Heaven's door and what has opened up to me is far more than I had ever imagined.

image by LeAnn, our garden, as seen on

all images by LeAnn, l&l at home, our garden

"I once had a sparrow..." -  Henry David Thoreau excerpt - Walden - as seen on linenandlavender net -  - and -

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LaPouyette said...

Simply beautiful and thoughtful!! You see and capt mother nature in its best way!

Greetings from the Périgord,

elisa said...

it's clearly gorgeous, you've done something so wonderful. i love the quotation - when i first met my sweetheart, we were circled by a pair of herons. it seemed like a good sign. x

Greet Lefèvre said...

Oh dear you must have a wonderful view from your studio towards your beautiful garden! Love your plants! I am so looking forwards to the next coming weeks, when all our plants and trees will start growing!
Your garden is a heaven on earth dear!

Veronica said...

Oh wow what a wonderful post! Clearly a fellow gardener like myself! I adore that my garden has life of its own and that things pop up willy nillyand make themselves at home! Your pictures are delightful! I am also a fellow BIO gal and now a follower as well! Your garden is amazing as is your twitterati!!


Ann said...

Your garden looks precious.
While I recognize the feeling of peace it brings, I don't recognize the stately trees- you have different trees that we don't get to see in my area.

Lovely tour!

Splenderosa said...

LeAnn, your home is beautiful and looks exactly like you, I think. I am so happy you joined all of us at By Invitation Only for this month's post. Everyone did a spectacular job & I so appreciate it. This endeavor almost takes on it's on life, as well. Like your garden, it's continuing to grow and improve. We never know what might be in our future. Sending love....

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Gorgeous!!! You always get it just right, that's why it's such a joy to visit.

LB said...

Thank you so much. I just visited you/read your lovely post:
Beautiful! Warmly~L

LB said...

Wow! That is amazing Elisa. Indeed a sign! Thanks so much! Warmly~L

LB said...

Thank you so much, Greet. Always nice to hear from you. xo~L

Ivy Clad said...

How beautiful your garden is. I love and oasis anywhere, but one in the city is especially welcoming. I am trying to create one for myself in a city as well. It is challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

The bird in your first photo looks like a Painted Bunting, possibly? I've had one visit my place once and the show of his wings were just spectacular.


LB said...

Lovely post you wrote! So much to enjoy. Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words. Stay well xo~L

LB said...

Hello, Ann. Thank you. The tree you see in this post is a "California Pepper". He is only a few years old but is thriving - (I think he likes it here.) The image of the hummingbird nesting is also in this tree. She chose a branch that gently sways with the breeze... "When the wind blows, the cradle will rock." :) Warm regards~LeAnn

LB said...

Hello Marsha. Thank you! I am just making my way around to read everyone's posts today and as usual, all are wonderfully beautiful and inspiring in their own way. So fun! I just realized you weren't on my blogroll so I added you today. It's lovely knowing you! xo~L

LB said...

How kind of you, Mona! You always know the right thing to say. :)
Take care. xo~L

LB said...

Hi, Keri. I just visited you/read your April 3 post
Very helpful info there and your home is lovely! I just planted 12 or so fig vines and am looking forward to seeing them bring a retaining wall to life.
I have never heard of a Painted Bunting but Googled it just now to see. The little guy in the photo had just a red breast, not all the other coloration I saw in the photos that came up. Glad you speculated though.-Always fun to explore something new. Have a great day!~L


Gardens are like a gate to heavenly delights. I love your photos, comments and quotations associating this fact.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

The time is now.
We are so blessed with summer like weather... but now we have a freeze warning and I am scared for my gardens tonights - digging thru linen closets for extra sheets!
Such a tour you have given us hear.
I could hear your fountain.

I am leaving inspired.
Parisienne Farmgirl

LB said...

Hi, Jeanne. I followed your link back and saw some of your artwork -you are one talented lady! Thank you so much for your comment. Continued success to you~L

LB said...

Hello, Angela! I just visited your corner of blogland for the first time. Very lovely ideas and images in your Launch Party post. Good luck with your new venture and thank you for stopping by l&l. Warmly~L

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

'Planting a garden is like knocking on Heaven's door' - you put it so beautifully!

LB said...

Thanks, Tricia! Have a wonderful weekend. xo~L

Anonymous said...

lovely post LeAnn... I've gone back to it a few times to view it and read it again. Inspires me to create in my garden! Your fountain design is perfection in it's style and simplicity! Affectionately, Redema

Yves said...

Estou visitando seu blog pela primeira vez e me encantei, ele é magico! Imagens maravilhosas, jardins, pássaros,música celta...tudo que eu adoro. Estou te seguindo.

LB said...

Hello Dear "Anonymous" Redema! How are you? Thank you for your kinds words. It always makes my day to hear from you! :) xo~L

LB said...

Welcome to linen & lavender, Yves! Thank you for your comment. I love hearing that someone is enjoying the entire experience I try to create here. Thank you for following and I look forward to visiting your blog soon. All my best to you! ~LeAnn

Acquired Objects said...

Leann I don't know how I missed your post and I'm so glad I was going through because I would have been upset to miss seeing your amazing garden!Your garden is so beautiful and I so love your fountain. Like you I'm always amazed how I stick something in the ground and then year after year it springs forth with natural beauty of some kind. Your garden looks wonderful and I hope you're enjoying it today....

Happy Easter!

LB said...

Hi, Debra. The fountain was one of the first things I put in here, love the sound of it. It isn't showing much in the photos, but it sits in the middle of a small pond and I started with 4 or 5 mosquito fish in there that are thriving -now numbering in the hundreds. It's always fun to spot the latest batch of babies.
It's warm and sunny here and we have all the doors thrown open with a little breeze blowing the curtains on the deck now and yes enjoying the garden today. Thank you. Hope you are having a great day, too. xo~LeAnn

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