"Welcome to my world...  

Gate,Tree-lined Driveway image by LeAnn for linen & lavender (l&l)

...Won't you come on in?"

Hello and welcome to my readers old and new!

Today I want to acquaint you with l&l's  archive, a feature I recently created to make the most of your visits to linen & lavender.

The archive is now organized according to category making it easy to find what interests you most  – hundreds of posts with inspiring images, design ideas, travel destinations and much more ever-expanding content can now be accessed from one place.

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Again, a warm welcome to each of you who have just discovered l&l and my thanks to all of you who have been with me for awhile!  I value the time you spend with me and appreciate your support and enthusiasm.  I am excited about the ongoing evolution of l&l and look forward to the journey with you!   All my very best ~ LeAnn

image by LeAnn, April 2012

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When I brought up the image for today's post, I found myself singing "Welcome to my world.  Won't you come on in?"  over and over   (and over.)  –Isn't it funny how a memory bubbles up like that?!   Apparently, I  didn't retain any more than the two lines and so after several hours of driving myself –and everyone around me– crazy,  I finally sat down to look up the rest of the lyrics:  

Welcome to my world.  Won't you come on in?
Miracles I guess, Still happen now and then.
Step into my heart; leave your cares behind.
Welcome to my world, built with you in mind.
Knock and the door will open. Seek and you will find.
Ask and you'll be given, the key to this world of mine.
I'll be waiting here with my arms unfurled,
Waiting just for you; Welcome to my world.

I learned that it's been sung by a few people over the years, including Jim Reeves, who I recall being one of my mom's favorites, (aha! mystery solved.)  My mom has a beautiful voice and our house was always filled with her singing and playing the piano or singing along to her favorite albums.  I've always teased her for being stingy and not passing along any of those genes to me!   Anyway, love you lots, Mom!  Thank you for being you!      xoxo~LeAnn   

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Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

You are so well organised LeAnn! Don't you love being haunted by a song and then finding just how well it says what you're feeling?

Acquired Objects said...

I absolutely love your blog LeAnn, you always have something wonderful to write as well as the most beautiful pictures. Happy Mother's Day to you! Enjoy your day!

New Hampshire

Michele Gerhard said...

Thank you so very much LeAnn for the beauty you bring to my world! I follow you by e-mail, and am always delighted to hear from you :) I'm in LaPlace LA, USA

Anonymous said...

I've been visiting your blog for a little while but this is my first comment. Your images are a wonderful escape from daily strife. Thank you!

LB said...

Hi, Tricia! Yes. I was surprised and delighted when I read the rest of the lyrics and saw they were quite apropos, too! Always lovely to hear from you! xo~L

LB said...

Thanks so much and right back at you, Debra! xo~L

LB said...

Hi, Michele. I think you found l&l via the new facebook page, is that correct? Thank you for your lovely comment! It reminded me I wanted to check out your website La Belle Cuisine -I'm headed there now... xo~L

LB said...

Hi, Nuvea! So nice to meet a fellow animal lover. Love the Palomino images and Finley Wigglesworth-so cute! :) Thank you so much for introducing yourself! Warmly~L

Splenderosa said...

Hi LeAnn, this is such a great idea!!
Also, I love how your followers are automatically entered into your giveaways, I will do this too. It should have been this way all along over at my place.
I hope to see waaaaay more of you in the future, and I loved how you wrote this post, it makes me feel I know you better. Big Texas hug, sweetie....

LB said...

Marsha, You are a powerhouse! I can't believe all you do! Not only do you post in-depth posts almost daily, you organized the BIO group and somehow get around to visit quite a few blogs, leaving comments and retaining information about each of us and on top of all of that you are designing and running your jewelry business! What's your secret?! xo~L

Anonymous said...

Your blog is inspiring. The photos you use are serene, beautiful, mysterious and elegant...a perfect pick-me-up during a work day. Thank you from Anderson, South Carolina, USA

LB said...

Hi to you in Anderson, South Carolina! Thank you! I just wanted to let you know if you want to be eligible for the drawing, I have to be able to contact you if you win...therefore, Anonymous comments aren't eligible. Sorry about that! Maybe you don't mind and just wanted to leave a comment? Either way, thank you for writing such a lovely message. All my best! ~L

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