Give-Away extended to June 22!

{This giveaway is now over.  
Go here for the latest GIVEAWAY NEWS}

Dear Readers,

I promised a giveaway and then I had the chance to get-away for a little vacation and I jumped at the opportunity.  For those of you left hanging on the edge of your seats, I'm so sorry for the delay!  The good news is I've extended the deadline and I've come up with several easy ways you can increase your chances of winning. 

All FOLLOWERS are eligible for the drawing.  For more chances at winning, here's what you can do:

Between now and June 22nd:

1.  Make a comment on any post -past or present- and each time you do, your name will be added to the drawing. 

2.  If you leave your first name and your country with any comment, I'll put your name in TWICE for each comment containing this information.

Note:  Your first name and country will suffice--no need to leave any further comment unless you feel like it.   Just take the time to leave your  name and your country -on any as many posts as you like- and your name will go in the hat twice each time you do.  (Feel free to include your city if you like, but it's not necessary to be eligible.)

3.  Lastly, if you email me a favorite recipe I will add FIVE extra chances at winning.  (Be sure to include written permission for me to re-print and/or publish your recipe in a future post.) 

This is the opportunity to get your name in the drawing literally hundreds of times!   And what's at stake?

A $100 gift card
to shop in the emporium and select anything your heart desires!

Best of luck!

{This giveaway now closed.} 

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image via:  Côté Ouest Oct-Nov 2005


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I am a follower and I would love to have my name included in your giveaway drawing! Thank you!!!
Zuzu ~ United States

Kimberly said...

We are planning a trip beginning in Rome in July and would love if you had any suggestions of great and beautiful things to see!

~Kim (California, USA)

Daniëlle said...

Oh wow, what a nice give away! Difficult to choose from all the nice stuff they sell.
Really would like a change on the give away!

Kind regards,
Veendam, The Netherlands

Splenderosa said...

Hi dear...this is a wonderful giveaway! You know I'm a follower and my name is Marsha from Texas USA. I finally had time to look through all your pages, you've done a brilliant job on your blog.
Have a lovely weekend. xx's

Acquired Objects said...

I'm already a follower and have been for a while because I love your blog! Love that image above. Have a wonderful Sunday evening!
Debra in the good ole US of A

LeAnn, linen and lavender: said...

Hi Debra, Marsha, Dani, Kim and Zuzu! Thank you for your messages and your ongoing support of linen and lavender. Best of luck to you in the drawing! ~LeAnn

Kim: Would you mind emailing me? Easier to respond to you there. I'd be happy to give you some ideas and a list of my favorite places in Rome. :)

LeAnn ~ linen and lavender said...

Carla R from Santa Barbara, CA USA:
I received your recipe for Lavender Honey --Thank you! Putting 5 entries in for you today!
Let me know if you continue to have an issue signing in to comment. From what you described, I don't think it is happening on linen and lavender, but must have been an error with your system at the time? Not sure why that would be.
----If anybody else has experienced a problem, please let me know via email:
Thanks again, Carla! ~LeAnn
P.S. I'll add 2 additional entries and count your attempt to comment. :)

sandrine said...

Alors voici donc l'occasion de se dévoiler.
Je suis votre blog depuis quelques temps déjà et c'est à chaque fois un pur bonheur de découvrir les images que vous collectez.
J'habite dans le Nord de la France où nous restaurons, avec mon mari, une vieille ferme, pour laquelle nous collectons des vieux meubles et matériaux anciens. Et votre blog est pour nous une source d'inspiration inégalable, puisqu'il présente un univers très proche de celui que nous recherchons pour notre lieu de vie.
Merci donc de partager vos trésors, et merci pour ce give-away qui fera forcément un heureux.
Sandrine de France.

mn said...

Hello, thanks for the chance to win such a nice giveaway. I love your blog and am always inspired and refreshed by the beautiful photos.
Melissa in the UK

LeAnn ~ linen and lavender said...

Merci beaucoup. Your words are like music to my ears. :)
Best wishes in the creation of a beautiful life in Northern France.
Warm regards,

LeAnn ~ linen and lavender said...

Thank you so much. I really like the word you used "refreshed" -It is fun for me passing beautiful things along to others and I love hearing that something I enjoyed is received and enjoyed by someone else. It is my pleasure to include you in the drawing and I wish you all the best. ~LeAnn

Anonymous said...

hi I just found your blog... and ohmy, what a beautifull blog,I will stay here for a while and browse trhough... and then come back for sure.
just love what I have seen so far.

you are my new favorite and I would love your permission to use some pics from you for my blog in the future (with a link to you ofcours)
regards; Stina sæm from Iceland

JoAnn Locktov said...

Ciao LeAnn, Your blog continues to inspire. It never fails, when I've had a frightful day I just come here for solace, works every time. grazie cara, JoAnn from USA

LB said...

Ciao, JoAnn! It seems a long time since we have corresponded. Thank you for sharing...I'm so happy your day was a little brightened by something you saw here. That makes MY day. :)
Be well ~L

Anonymous said...

Your recent photos of varying shades of green against stone, woven baskets & marble is lush and soothing. Wonderful theraputic blog, Mercie bien, Susan Gabriel

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