Where I went today...

Montecito Spanish Colonial by Architect Thomas Bollayvia old house online dot com as seen on, post:

...I started out in Montecito, California  visiting a Spanish Colonial home by Architect Thomas Bollay...

Entry, Montecito Spanish Colonial by Architect Thomas Bollay image via old house online dot com as seen on post:
...with authentic detailed tiling and old wrought iron doors salvaged from the Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel...

Patio, Montecito Spanish Colonial by Architect Thomas Bollay image via old house online dot com as seen on post:
...and a charming outdoor living space complete with the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace.

View from top of bell tower in St. Mark's Square image via Europe Up Close dot com, as seen on, post:
Next, I was off to Europe and found myself looking down from the bell tower in St. Mark's Square admiring the Byzantine architectural features of "Chiesa d'Oro"  also known as Saint Mark's Basilica.

Ram image via Tumblr, as seen on, post:
I'm not sure how I ended up here, but running across this impressive guy reminded me there was an article on horoscopes I'd been emailed from ArchetypeMe  introducing "Archescopes"– (combining your astrological forecast with your archetypes.)
If you think this sort of thing is fun too, follow the ArchetypeMe link to take a quick quiz to learn your top three archetypes, then go to the Archescopes page for a chart showing alignments between your sun sign and each archetype.  To delve deeper into all the archetypes that influence your life, read Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss.  Then, learn about your friends and family's archetypes with the board game Identity Pursuit, inspired by Caroline Myss'  work.  

image via Tumblr as seen on, post:
From there, I somehow found myself back in Italy.  This time, somewhere over Tuscany...ahh my home away from home.

image via Tumblr, Gifts of Life, as seen on, post:
Suddenly I had arrived at this portal.  Where am I?  What is the inscription above the door?  I never did find any answers (write me if you know, will you?), but my quest... 

image via Le Château de Montgeoffroy, as seen on, post:

...somehow led me to a kitchen located in Le Château de Montgeoffroy...

Château Montgeoffroy as seen on, post:
A beautiful place located in the Loire Valley...
Château Montgeoffroy, outbuilding as seen on, post:
with all the traditional trappings you would expect of a grand château in this region.

Château Montgeoffroy,rooftop as seen on, post:
...towers and turrets and such...

Château Montgeoffroy, wildlife on the estate as seen on, post:
...These beautiful creatures reminded me I had "wildlife"photography of my own to edit and so I returned to my workspace for awhile...

l&l at home, squirrel in our garden eating walnut, image by LeAnn for, post:
...and prepped a couple of images to share on l&l at home including this one of our comical resident squirrel enjoying a snack.  

It wasn't long before I had the urge to travel again and within a few seconds, I had been transported to somewhere in the deserts of Egypt...

White Desert, Egypt, riti, as seen on, post:
Scouting about, I learned it is the White Desert and while there, I came across someone who has experienced this other-wordly landscape first-hand, even camping out under the stars there. {visit Egypt Sites here}

l&l at home, door style for our orangerie, image via Wabi Sabi as seen on, post:

Then my phone rang and I was brought back home again.  Our architect friend next door was calling about our deck enclosure soon to be conservatory / sunroom / orangerie.  

We've considered wood doors (something like the above) but haven't ruled out iron and glass doors like we did in our kitchen:

l&l at home, iron and glass doors, our kitchen, image by LeAnn,, post:

A few phone calls and emails later and I was headed back out - to France again...   

St Cirq Lapopie Village, France, as seen on, post:
...this time to the picturesque village of Saint Cirq Lapopie, but rather than touring by foot, I took to the air for a bird's eye view:

I spent quite some time lost in several of the most

{beautiful villages} of France, but eventually made my way

 back to Italy...

Santuario Madonna della Corona by altomare on Flickr as seen on, post:

...and discovered the Sanctuary Madonna della Coronna in Veneto.  The sanctuary is built into the vertical rock face of Monte Baldo,  (it's a 400 meter drop to the valley below.)

Climb to Madonna della Coronna Veneto Italy,  images via , collage by lb as seen on, post:
Can you imagine this being your trek home?

Speaking of home, I realized it was almost time for dinner., Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire England by AndrzejSmolinski as seen on, post:

On my way back, I stopped over to tour the eerie ruins of Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire England
(It's easy to see why it inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula, isn't it?)

our garden, l&l at home, image by LeAnn,, post:
...and finally home, I headed out to our garden and kicked off my shoes to reflect on my day of sightseeing.

What a wonderful world we live in where we can connect in mere seconds with people of other cultures and lifestyles, and gain inspiration from the four corners of the globe.  

I love to travel and take in the sights, sounds and smells firsthand, but how fortunate we are to be able to explore the world from the comfort of our own home anytime we wish!
by LeAnn, "Where I went today..." post:

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